January 7, 2015

Boy. 2014 was a whirlwind. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced so much change in just one year. There were definitely highs, as in some of the best moments of my life  thus far, and of course lo’s and really hard time but with all of that came so much sweet goodness.  Good and bad  things will refine you if you let them, so let them mold you into a new person.  I moved across country, graduated, traveled a lot, even out of the country to Brazil….Wow what a year to look back on! I changed so much as a person, and as an artist. Even with my move I was able to shoot a lot more than I thought I was going to and I’m just so thankful for those who invite into their lives, and to be there in such special moments. I wanted to share a few of my personal favorites, it’s really hard to pick when I have so many amazing people and places that I’ve photographed! I tried to just quickly go through some archives and goodness…. I love what I do! I don’t know how else to express that. I’m just.. ah, Thank you everyone for such a fruitful year, whether I photographed you, or you follow my work, if I’ve worked with you or I will be photographing you in the future! I truly am so honored and thankful for the support and love I receive!



I tried to count but it goes something like 6 weddings,5 flights, 4 states,3 road trips, 2 proposals, 1 other country and way to many faces in front of my camera to count. Hot dang.

2015-01-06_02632015-01-06_02622015-01-06_01632015-01-06_01592015-01-06_01512015-01-06_01372015-01-06_01362015-01-06_01312015-01-06_01282015-01-06_01262015-01-06_01232015-01-06_01172015-01-06_01082015-01-06_01052015-01-06_01022015-01-06_00812015-01-06_00742015-01-06_00632015-01-06_00612015-01-06_00502015-01-06_00482015-01-06_00452015-01-06_00312015-01-06_00432015-01-06_00282015-01-06_00222015-01-06_00262015-01-06_00192015-01-06_00182015-01-06_00172015-01-06_00142015-01-06_00102015-01-06_00062015-01-06_00082015-01-06_00012015-01-06_00032014-12-30_0001S_N_J_ELP (20 of 25)2014-12-19_0002MarissaCO2015_ELP (169 of 217)2015-01-06_02452015-01-06_02462015-01-06_02472015-01-06_02482015-01-06_02502015-01-06_02572015-01-06_02612015-01-06_02172015-01-06_02222015-01-06_02442015-01-06_02422015-01-06_02142015-01-06_02082015-01-06_02042015-01-06_01912015-01-06_01902015-01-06_01812015-01-06_01852015-01-06_01882015-01-06_01732015-01-06_0055

I know, I know, so much pretty you almost couldn’t make it through all those images 😉

THANK YOU, I can’t say that enough, to SO many of you, all my likers, readers, encouragers, clients, friends & family! I couldn’t do this without you! Cheers to new things to come in this new year! Bring on 2015!


P.S. Keep your eyes peeled for a giveaway to launch my new Website!!


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