Autumn & Wesley // TN Wedding Photography

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April 15, 2016

On the breezy afternoon of April 10th Autumn and Wesley said I do tucked away in Five Points, Tennessee. “The Big red Store” was what held the small gathering of their closest loved ones and dear friends. Charm and history surrounded us, all of the original wood, antiques — glass bottles and ancient knick-knacks lining the walls. From the Vows exchanged to the Banjo-picking by the fire, This wedding just oozes with character and sweetness. This adorable couple makes me smile so big as I scroll through their romantics, and I hope you do too!











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Elizabeth Lauren

ryan 07:02 April 15, 2016 Reply
fantastic set! awesome images from top to bottom. Cheers!
Debra Heers 21:19 April 15, 2016 Reply
WOW! Stunning venue, beautiful couple and amazing photos!
Moira randal 02:39 April 16, 2016 Reply
These are the most BEAUTIFUL pictures I have ever seen!!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!!!!
Tiffany Lindsey 04:58 April 16, 2016 Reply
I love them all!! What a beautiful wedding and the surroundings are amazing!! You guys are so gorgeous - I can see so much joy and happiness in each photo!! Thank you for sharing these!!
Kari Gillette 05:31 April 16, 2016 Reply
Wow! These are stunning! Congratulations to all of you! Sharing your joy!
Jeanne Davis 06:06 April 16, 2016 Reply
WOW !! I can't beleive this is little Autumn that use to come to my class. I love everything about this wedding, right down to the tinyest spool of thread ! Blessings to you both on your new life together.
Moira randal 12:31 April 16, 2016 Reply
These are the most BEAUTIFUL pictures I have ever seen!!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!!!!o
James Vogen 16:38 April 16, 2016 Reply
Great pictures of a beautiful couple!!
Karen VanWinkle 21:26 April 16, 2016 Reply
Beautiful!! Wish God's blessings on your new life together.
Mary Vogen 19:47 April 18, 2016 Reply
That looked like a beautiful - fun wedding glad you could attend, and i wish them the very best!
Susan Wilkinson 23:19 April 24, 2016 Reply
Beautiful couple congratulations to both families!
Reggie Kjaer 23:36 April 24, 2016 Reply
Michelle 21:16 April 26, 2016 Reply
Simply the loveliest photos!!!! Love love love them!!xoxo

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