2017  TRAVEL 


Cancun, Mexico

Seattle, Washington

Big sur, California


Cincinnati, Ohio

Louisville, Kentucky

Nashville, Tennessee


Richmond, Virginia


Snohomish, Washington

I need you to help me, help you.
Okay so I have been bitten by a horrible travel bug, the only cure is to keep traveling 😉
SO lets make a deal, If you can help me check one of these places off my bucket list than I  can work out some FREE photos for you and your lovvvvaaahhh!

You two + me + somewhere rad?! UM OKAY LETS MAKE MAGIC HAPPEN.

SE, Alaska

Oahu, Hawaii 

Banff, Canada

Venice, Italy

Amalfi Coast, Italy


Paris or anywhere in France

Barcelona, Spain


Don’t see your destination on my list and think I need to add it? Shoot me a message!