Imperial Sand Dunes Engagement // Cheyne + Jocelyn

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July 19, 2017

Dreamy. Ethereal. Out of this world.

Truly, I felt like we were on another planet as we walked out on top of the dunes. Cheyne and Jocelyn were the perfect “fit” for this imperial sand dunes location, because together they seem to be in their own world. I loved every minute we got to spend out there, the clean slate for creativity had my photographer heart soaring.


I’m SO excited for Cheyne and Jocelyn’s wedding next year!2017-07-19_0001 2017-07-19_0002 2017-07-19_0003 2017-07-19_0004 2017-07-19_0005 2017-07-19_0006 2017-07-19_0007 2017-07-19_0008 2017-07-19_0009 2017-07-19_0010 2017-07-19_0011 2017-07-19_0012 2017-07-19_0013 2017-07-19_0014 2017-07-19_0015 2017-07-19_0016 2017-07-19_0017 2017-07-19_0018 2017-07-19_0019 2017-07-19_0020

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Elizabeth Lauren

Meredith Sledge 19:16 July 20, 2017 Reply
These are so epic!!!!!

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