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June 11, 2015

I was going to say that this story started when I hopped on a plane headed for Louisville on May 27th, but that wouldn’t be true, and the story didn’t start at their Proposal, and not even the first time I met Sam and Emily but so much further back than that. The story started so far back that I can’t tell you what I witnessed but the evidence of what I witness now. It’s clear that God has been knitting the two of these amazing hearts together since they were just youth at a little baptist church tucked back in all of the greenery of Northern Kentucky, where they would stand at the alter and promise to serve each other and the Lord, Love one another  faithfully and pursue the Lord, together at that same little baptist church.

Their love for each other is contagious, I love how they interact, how they are such a witness for what loving your partner should look like. How they are just servants, How they desire to see Jesus glorified more than anything,  how they are such a laid-back and fun couple. I’m lucky to know them and even more-so to have been apart of this day.

The whole week it called for rain, but not the drizzle kind we see here in southern California, more like 80% chance of thunderstorms all day. Yeah, that kind of rain.. I mean, downpour.  Thats where a lot of prayer came in, and a lot of trust that either way, the goal was to get these two married and for the Lord to be glorified on that late may afternoon. We woke up to clear skies and an even clearer forecast. The day was perfect, but not just because of the favor of the weather.
Sam and Emily tied the knot with all of their close family and friends there to support and hold them accountable. They had beautiful worship at their ceremony which was officiated by Samuel’s dad, and a donut bar to toast sweet to love. It was a glorious afternoon that I will cherish forever, and always say I had the pleasure to share with you now. 2015-06-10_00012015-06-10_00022015-06-10_00032015-06-10_00042015-06-10_00052015-06-10_00062015-06-10_00072015-06-10_0008

First looks are my favorite. I love the moments, I love the portraits that seem to just flow right out of moments like this.


They had such a FUN group, I loved getting to hangout with them. I have to give them a shoutout for being troopers out there in that high-sun!


Caution, heels may sink more than the titanic.


Oh Emily. I sigh at your beauty, your outward appearance only scratches the surface at what a gem your heart is.


Photo of a granny? Blogpost GOLD, y’all.


A fist-bump between cousins, its showtime.


three generations.


“Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.” Mark 10:9 




iphone photo with the couple!

Thanks you two for becoming dear friends to me, and having me be apart of not just your wedding day, but your lives.



Elizabeth Lauren


Nic Williams 19:58 June 20, 2015 Reply
Beautiful photos.....beautiful memories.....beautiful start of a new life together!!!!!!

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