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January 28, 2015

I’ve been meaning to tell my piece of this story for awhile now, actually since October 25th to be exact, but alas, I haven’t until I found a draft sitting there all lonely and unfinished.

Sam & Emily, where do I begin with these two? You know when you meet people that you just click with? The conversations aren’t hard because you’re not searching for a topic to save yourself from a socially awkward situation and even when you haven’t seen them for awhile, its really easy to just pick up where you left off? Or when you just need a good word of advice you know you can go to these types of people? Yeah, Thats the kind of people Sam & Emily are.

Let me tell you just a little bit about their relationship.

They are all kinds of perfect for each other. For example, they are both creatives, Sam being  a writer, Emily blogs and crafts, Sam plays guitar and Emily harmonizes along. When you get to know them you  cannot picture one without the other, it just makes sense. I adore the way Sam talks about Emily too, you should read this blogpost here.

When I was living in Kentucky, they lived about an hour and a half north of me in Louisville, Sam is a cousin to friends of mine and I had met Emily in passing a few times through events and thanks social media I feel like I’ve known her for longer than I actually have. I remember it was late summer 2013 and I had posted a Model call on my Facebook page, but really I just got a new lens and I wanted someone to hangout and take portraits of. Aka: model call was a glamorized term for “free photos for willing subject”, Im a starving artist sometimes 😉

I still remember the shy message I got from Emily that said something along the lines of “Hey! I know I may not be exactly what you’re looking for but Sam told me to message you so here I am.”

Ok seriously people she’s adorable.

Fast forward and Emily was the girl, we had so much fun when we took photos and our friendship started around that time. Im really thankful for that weekend I got to spend with her, I know now we are friends for a reason, everyone needs an encourager like Emily in their life. I always wished she didn’t live so far away. *cries because now I live even further away*

Fast forward again, a few months later and soon me and Sam were talking about him popping the question to Emily and how I could photograph it, and me of course I was stoked on life that some of my two favorite people were going to be engaged. Over time, some things happened and it got pushed back and I moved to Southern California and I think I was always kinda sad when I thought about them getting engaged and I not being able to be there. Luckily, I get to travel a lot, and often that is back to Kentucky. I was THRILLED when Sam told me it was time and we got to plan this surprise for Emily while I was there.

Because Emily is so dang smart we had to come up with something, so the plan was this, and its ok, I only had to lie a little bit. 😉

I texted Emily that I had a family session on October 25th in the morning and I was going to meet with them after for couples photos since I was going to be in their area anyways. So she asked Sam if he would be up for that, and he went along, her not knowing that we had already planned everything out.

Sam trusted me to pick out a spot (THE spot ) on the farm since I arrived early for my “family shoot” and we even had a cue line I was going to say when I was ready for him to ask Emily to marry him.

So, there we were out in the gorgeous fall weather of Southern Indiana, for a couple photo session, Emily had no idea what was coming her way.



So, here we were at the spot, I backed up and said “I’m just going to get a scenic shot right here, you two just face each other and talk and enjoy each other!”



I think it hit here right about here 😉


Thank you Sam & Emily for being such a Godly example of what a relationship should be, and for letting be apart of these amazing moments with you, and for being my friends. You two are simply awesome people and I can’t wait to see how God uses you two as you walk into these new seasons of your lives… Next stop.. your wedding!! I can’t wait!


Gretchen Payne Benningfield 23:22 January 29, 2015 Reply
I absolutely loved this!!! Awesome couple, awesome photography Elizabeth!! I'm still smiling!!

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