Just for Brides

Things you might not know but it’s okay because this is my job ūüėȬ†

  • Who is your second shooter?¬†I am lucky enough to have an amazing network of local and nationwide photographers, I have my few regulars and I always choose a photographer with amazing talent, professionalism and similar personality to my own.
  • How far in advance can I book?¬†I¬†typically book 6-14 months in advance!¬†The busiest months being May-November, If your date falls¬†in-between then within the next year, be sure to email me ASAP!
  • How does the booking process work?¬†1. Fill out the contact form with lots of information! 2. Expect a response within three business days. 3.¬†Select a package that fits your needs & desires best.¬†4. We are officially booked with a 40% retainer and agreement signed.¬†5.¬†We throw a party because this is another match made in heaven!
  • How many images will I¬†receive from my wedding day and when?¬†Typically I deliver 500-850 images for a wedding, This all depends on if or how much decor you have, if you have a bridal party, how much portrait time you schedule in, etc. I can assure you I will fully document everything that is there. When it comes to delivery I promise you won’t have to wait any more than 6-8 weeks, usually sooner. :)
  • It does NOT matter if I have never photographed at your venue before!¬†I shoot weddings ALL over the country and some day all over the world. I show up earlier come wedding day and scout the¬†venue¬†anyway. Touring your venue weeks before your wedding can be completely different lighting then the day of your wedding, or even if you have your day set up differently in the slightest. Light is LITERALLY everything when it comes to photographs, in fact it is the “art of light”.¬†No need to ask me this question, but if I *have* shot at your venue when you submit your content form I’ll be sure to send you a full gallery !

Any more questions, feel free to ask me! I am an open book. Click “get in touch” to start the conversation!¬†