Keaton & Sarah // Rattlesnake Lake, WA Engagement Session

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May 18, 2017

Let me start off by telling you something, Keaton and Sarah are two of the most joyful, fun and relaxed clients that have ever come my way. I really think these photos reflect that. Sarah’s smile and laugh is infectious and Keaton brings that out in her in the most amazing way. They were easy to capture with the nature of the relationship, they genuinely care for each other and it’s a beautiful thing to be in the presence of. All the cheek kisses, endearing looks of affection, little touches and hugs, please.

When I ‘met’ these two over email I knew, like always, it’d be an honor for a couple like them to hire me! Flying me up to Washington to adventure around Rattlesnake lake with them was SUCH a treat and privilege. Their appreciation and trust in what I have to offer made our connection all the more meaningful and made the whole vibe be at ease and really set the tone for these images. If I could have poster-children for my work, it’d be people like these two, so trusting, loving and giving people!


Okay I’m ready to show them off now, aren’t they the cutest?

Rattlesnake Lake Engagement session
Rattlesnake Lake Engagement session

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I am STOKED to fly back up for your wedding in August, Sarah & Keaton! Thank you for choosing me to be apart of your story, TELLING your story!



Elizabeth Lauren

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