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April 1, 2015

Theres two things I know about childhood, its absolutely magical but its fleeting. Although there will always be  that spark inside of each one of us that keeps the kid alive in your heart. I hope you will always have enough imagination to dream, enough humility to dance and enough bravery to take the leap.




p.s. these wild nieces of mind pretty much “pose” themselves, they are the funnest, wildest, giggly  set of sisters I know. Besides there mom and aunts of course.  😉

2015-03-31_0001 2015-03-31_0002 2015-03-31_0003 2015-03-31_0004 2015-03-31_0005 2015-03-31_0006 2015-03-31_0007 2015-03-31_0008 2015-03-31_0009 2015-03-31_0010 2015-03-31_0011 2015-03-31_0012 2015-03-31_0013 2015-03-31_0014 2015-03-31_0015 2015-03-31_0016 2015-03-31_0017



I hope they always ask me to take pictures of them as they grow up.






Kendra Kiser 16:27 April 1, 2015 Reply
love these!

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