Mt. Rainier Surprise Proposal // Brent & Jordyn

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January 26, 2018

Have you ever fibbed to a florist that you had a whole styled shoot planned so you could lure her into her OWN surprise proposal?! No?! Hm, Weird, I have. It was tricky and probably gave me a whole summer’s worth of anxiety but SO worth it to see these two engaged with the biggest smiles EVER on their faces. I would tell you the detailed story but I think the photos speak for themselves!



mount rainier engagement 2018-01-26_0030 2018-01-26_00312018-01-26_0032 2018-01-26_0033 2018-01-26_0034

Me taking headshots for Jordyn’s Floral Business  but also panicking and stalling while me (amazing assistant stephanie went and found brent and brought him to the spot we found and set up! Yes, Jordan set up her OWN proposal without even knowing!

2018-01-26_0035 2018-01-26_0036 2018-01-26_0037 2018-01-26_0038

She is just a *little* surprised here, and I finally felt SO relieved… the secret was out! Can’t believe we pulled this off and were able to surpise Jordan! Go Brent, what a guy! Am I right?!

2018-01-26_0040 2018-01-26_0039 2018-01-26_0041 2018-01-26_0042 2018-01-26_0043


2018-01-26_0044 2018-01-26_0046 2018-01-26_0045

Peeping that ring and telling her all the details! We were all so elated! I feel so honored to share a tiny part in their JOY!


Jordan’s DREAMY arrangements. She is seriously SO amazing.

2018-01-26_0048 2018-01-26_0049 2018-01-26_0051 2018-01-26_0059 2018-01-26_0058 2018-01-26_0057 2018-01-26_0060

Swooning over that simple oval cut diamond ring and these Mount. Rainier views.

2018-01-26_0061 2018-01-26_0062 2018-01-26_0063 2018-01-26_0054 2018-01-26_0055 2018-01-26_0056 Mount Rainier Engagement



Elizabeth Lauren

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