Before I even met this (stunning) couple I knew this session was going to be a good one. They were a referral from one of my most favorite couples ever (Shameless Shout out to Sam & Emily ). It seemed like fate because just last year Erika was living in Kentucky (as was I ) when she was first introduced to my work but was moving to California, and I was in the process of moving back! So the timing just seemed to fit into place perfectly, I was excited to jump at the opportunity to make a little road trip out of the valley and over to Joshua Tree National park where I got to photograph these two at the Jumbo Rocks and Cholla Cactus gardens! I wish I could add emojis into a blog post because I would put an infinite amount of heart eyes.


These two being in love, climbing rocks at dusk and chasing the sun until there wasn’t any left to photograph. This set of photos makes me fall in love with my job so much more and it was so hard to narrow down which ones to share, so I hope you enjoy these as much as I do.







Patrick is a quiet man and even with my crazy personality and my attempts at jokes, he keeps his cool and collective vibe, but my favorite thing was to just observe these two and see how Patrick looks at Erika. It basically makes me melt.





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