The class of 2015 // world changers

Photography sessions Senior
June 13, 2015

I prayed for just the right ones to come across my path. A select few that I could speak a little bit more truth into their lives and be apart of this pretty unique time in their young adult life. I wanted the ones that wanted to do big things, even if that meant just following a dream til the end and even if some might see it that small. The ones that after high school, they weren’t too sure what they were really doing, but would take it as it came, the musicians, the doctors-to-be,  the politicians in the making. I was lucky enough to get a good mix of the future of our society. So thanks for letting me take your pictures, all 14+ of you! Being a part of your senior year means more to me than you know. Go out there and change the world, chase your dreams and have courage.


So here they are, I’m proud to know each one of them!





Yay! You did it!



Elizabeth Lauren


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