Total Eclipse Photo Shoot // Seattle, WA

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August 21, 2017

She was beautifully out of place.

Sometimes I believe she intended to be.

Like the moon during the day.




2017 ECLIPSE 2017-08-21_0002 2017-08-21_0003 2017-08-21_0004 2017-08-21_0005 2017-08-21_0006 2017-08-21_0007 2017-08-21_0008 2017-08-21_0009 2017-08-21_0010 2017-08-21_0011 2017-08-21_0012 2017-08-21_0013 2017-08-21_0014 2017-08-21_0015 2017-08-21_0016 2017-08-21_0017 2017-08-21_0018 2017-08-21_0019 2017-08-21_0020 2017-08-21_0021 2017-08-21_0022
It was so awesome to be up here in Seattle Washington for the 2017 Solar Eclipse! Definitely such a rare experience I will never forget! We bumped into so many cool people with their own contraptions for viewing the eclipse! It was rad to experiment with the unique lighting, nothing I’ve ever seen before.

Shot alongside my friend Janelle Putrich Photography



Elizabeth Lauren

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